5 Easy Tips to Make Dreamy Portraits

Lorelyne Piazza’s portraits are basically ‘fairy tale in real life’, the 25-year-old French photographer captures mystical – almost dreamy images that will instantly draw you in. Today, Lorelyne will give us some tips how to recreate this kind of style....

/ March 1, 2016
Rustam Azmi

Few Tips on Shooting and Processing Cityscape Images

HIPA (Hamdan International Photography Award) 2014 finalist Rustam Azmi, and award 2015 silver award winner for Cityscape category will share with us some tips about how to compose and post-process cityscape images. Here are his tricks: The Location If you’re...

/ February 23, 2016
Anders Stangl

Advanced Flower Photography­ Focus Stacking

In this article I want to share a favorite technique of mine when doing close-up and/or macro photography of my go-to subject at the moment, flowers. In order to do this you do NOT need a state of the art...

/ February 18, 2016
Tony Hitchinson

Easy Splash Photography Tips

Normally my interests are Wildlife, Landscape and Night Cityscapes. This year I decided I wanted a winter project and my daughter had done some photo’s for school using an old fish tank so I decided to give it a go....

/ February 10, 2016
Ashraful Arefin

Take Breathtaking Flower Photography

Ashraful Arefin was born in May 3, 1987 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He grew up in Dhaka and currently based in the same city. He's been always interested in art.

/ February 2, 2016
Natalia Samoilova

Here’s How To Create Fine Art Photography

Natalia Samoilova was born in Belarus in a small town of Mogilev district. At the age of 29, I dedicated myself to photography which has been my passion.

/ January 25, 2016
Jan Jentsch

Loving Insects: A Short Guide to Macro Photography

Jan Jentsch started photography with his first digital camera 10 years ago, but never took it seriously after upgrading he started focusing on it more.

/ January 23, 2016
Fabio Antenore

How to Shoot Hyperrealistic Landscape Pictures

First of all, if you want to take really breathtaking shots, you have to do everything without compromise. Maybe you have to hike for hours to find a spot deep in the mountains, or you have to stand for hours...

/ January 18, 2016
Pedro Fernandez Aguado

Learn How To Shoot Infrared Landscape Photography

Pedro Fernández Aguado was born and raised in Madrid. After he graduated in History of Art, he worked in the Reina Sofia Museum, and focused in photography.

/ January 13, 2016

Create an Alice in Wonderland Inspired Red Queen Portrait

Photographer Alina Sliwinska is a big fan of Tim Burton’s creations. Her project, “Remains of the Day” was inspired by the film. “I wanted to create something inspired by his creativeness. “Remains of the Day” is inspired by Alice in...

/ January 6, 2016