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Just over two years ago I got my first Nikon DSLR. I had done some very basic film photography when I was a teenager but had not picked up a SLR for over 25 years. As my children grew up and I found I had more time on my hands I decided to give photography another go. Everything I knew when I was a teenager was a distant memory and I had to learn it all from scratch. The last 2 years have been a wonderful journey of discovered success and failure all mixed up with the urge to learn more. I now run a Thames Valley UK based Photography group whose main focus is meeting other photographers and encouraging each other to try new things as well as having fun with our hobby.

Tony Hitchinson

Easy Splash Photography Tips

Normally my interests are Wildlife, Landscape and Night Cityscapes. This year I decided I wanted a winter project and my daughter had done some photo’s for school using an old fish tank so I decided to give it a go....

/ February 10, 2016