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25-year old spring girl at the heart of the French Alps. The dimension of sharing & understanding lead to be a self-taught portraitist few years back. Photography came to me as a way to tell a story (mine & theirs) by creating an ephemeral scene recording memories, feelings & meetings with gorgeous souls. It’s a web where every image is a string linked to a moment and a state of mind. Because maybe we all need to keep a trace of our footsteps somewhere...? It is simply a picture-diary I enjoy to compose with helpful hands.

5 Easy Tips to Make Dreamy Portraits

Lorelyne Piazza’s portraits are basically ‘fairy tale in real life’, the 25-year-old French photographer captures mystical – almost dreamy images that will instantly draw you in. Today, Lorelyne will give us some tips how to recreate this kind of style....

/ March 1, 2016