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I'm a 34-year-old Swiss based half Italian Landscape Photographer living in Zurich. My whole life I've been a musician and an audio engineer. I'm also an owner of a music recording studio, and I work 50% in a Music Store as adviser in professional Audio. But since two ore three years, I've been practicing photography. In addition to the photography, I give weekly lessons to Thaibox and Carry else a lot of sports. I photograph really only for about 3 years. And really intensive even only since about 1.5 years. At the beginning I photograph mostly Lost Places, now I do Most landscape ore sometimes Macro ore Fashion Composings. I use every second I have, to spend it for Photography. I would like to be someday one of the best, and for that I have to work hard as I can! Basically, it comes to me when photographing always about creating a feeling, and not "just" about the detention of a moment. I startet to gif Workshops and Personal coachings this Month and i'm exitet about the resonation. My first Workshop was so quik completele booked up, I could not believe it. In the last months was everything a little like in a dream, everything gos so fast.. My Facebook page grows and grows (at the moment I have 2600 likes) and many magazins released my pictures and are writing articles about my works.. I had initial success in photography Contests, and my pictures on 500px and viewebug are mostly between the best shots.. I hope everything go's in the same way and higher in the next year..... And follow me on:

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How to Shoot Hyperrealistic Landscape Pictures

First of all, if you want to take really breathtaking shots, you have to do everything without compromise. Maybe you have to hike for hours to find a spot deep in the mountains, or you have to stand for hours...

/ January 18, 2016