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I started photography with my first digital bridge camera 10 years ago but never took it seriously. By upgrading to a Nikon aps-c I bought for my work I decided to learn more about the technical background and the artistic varieties of photography. Since that time my main interests are landscape photography, macro photography or just exploring the world with my camera. Until now I ́m an autodidact, reading a lot hard copy and online magazines. But the most important thing is: Just go out and take pictures!!

Get Playful with Macro Photography!

Hey there! It’s me Jan Jentsch again, I’m a 34 year-old hobby-photographer from Bielefeld, Germany. I started with serious photography 5 years ago and since then I’ve been hanging around with my Nikon every day. As a dentist, macro-photography is...

/ March 15, 2016
Jan Jentsch

Loving Insects: A Short Guide to Macro Photography

Jan Jentsch started photography with his first digital camera 10 years ago, but never took it seriously after upgrading he started focusing on it more.

/ January 23, 2016