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I am Mohammad Rustam Azmi –Rustam azmi. I am an Indian based in United Arab Emirates. One of the Best place for Cityscape photography. I started practicing photography in 2013 after getting inspired by many Famous Cityscape photographers. I am a cityscape, Rooftopper, Architectural and landscape Photographer. I love to Travel to new places and meet Local photographers of that area. I am the Finalist of Hipa(Hamdan international Photography award) 2014, I am nd award 2015 silver award winner for cityscape category, PSA Ribbon for del plata Argentina, And got featured in few international Magazines. 500px: Instagram:

Rustam Azmi

Few Tips on Shooting and Processing Cityscape Images

HIPA (Hamdan International Photography Award) 2014 finalist Rustam Azmi, and award 2015 silver award winner for Cityscape category will share with us some tips about how to compose and post-process cityscape images. Here are his tricks: The Location If you’re...

/ February 23, 2016