My name is Agostina and this is a short article about film photography. If you would like to explore this kind of photography I will give you some tips about film, cameras and some example photos.

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If you want to start with film photography you have to know that the development and scanning of the negatives is a very important and delicate process. The film is photosensitive, NEVER open the cover of the camera in a place with light, and if your film get lock, send it to a laboratorie.


I think it’s important to go testing what film you like the most; I personally recomend FujiColor Film 200 or 400 (ex. photo 1), Kodak ProImage 100 (2), Kodak ColorPlus 200 (3) and B&W Ilford Pan 400, if you like to have some experimental colors I recomend film rolls or expired.


I recomend to know very well how to use a film camera to have better results. I have a Pentax K1000 camera with a 50mm and 28mm lens, I recomend Canon A1, Nikon FM2 and all of that kind of cameras that are very good. Go testing with different cameras, lens, development laboratories, learn and do it yourself, use differents films, read about the history of film photography and look the work of others photographers, and try different ways to find what you really like.

Tips by Agostina Valle

I hope this article will help you get started in the world of film photography, always try to feel free to create and follow your own vision, there aren´t visual rules in photography, choose what you like the most and it will be valid.

Thank you for reading!


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18 years old film photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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