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My real name is Alina Sliwinska (in network Lady Amarillis). I was born in 1985 in Poland. When I was a young girl I liked draw and paint. I was a big fan of books. I read a lot of them so I have a big imagination.Thanks to them, I felt safe, they helped me to create many worlds in which I've always had an impact on this going on in them. I think that thanks to the books of my childhood was colorful, fascinating. Now I have many books too. I still love to read and stay in my imaginary worlds. Thanks to them, my world is better. When i bought my first camera I took many, many photos then I discovered Photoshop - in 2008. I started with text effects - so I could learn tools. Then i started work with photos. My first artworks weren't good :) I think in 2010 I started to create on higher level. Then I had a break... Bad decisions, bad spent years of my creativity asleep ... Now I try to wake her up, and then expand and climb the next stages of development. I want to stay in my creativity world for a long time.

Create an Alice in Wonderland Inspired Red Queen Portrait

Photographer Alina Sliwinska is a big fan of Tim Burton’s creations. Her project, “Remains of the Day” was inspired by the film. “I wanted to create something inspired by his creativeness. “Remains of the Day” is inspired by Alice in...

/ January 6, 2016