All cities around the world have building and architecture with unique features. Do your research about a particular location prior to going there. Capturing a great architectural picture can be challenging, hopefully some tips here will help with photographing Buildings and architecture around you.

Building Photography

1. Building photography is all about your position.
2. A good photograph can contain the entire building or just part of it, so lens choice and viewpoint are important.
3. When shooting up into the sky, remember exposure compensation to make sure the bottom of your picture is properly exposed.
4. Think outside the box, but remember symmetry and leading lines.
5. When shooting multiple building also keep an eye out for converging lines.
6. Try different viewpoints and if possible different times of the day. Morning and Dusk always work the best.
7. Shadows and reflections play an important role. Both can help bring extra dimension to your shot.
8. If using fisheye lens remember symmetry is everything.
9. Other tools that you may need/want are tripod, ND filter, polarized filter.

Tips by Roman Kruglov

Enjoy and keep shooting, Thank you for reading and remember to shoot RAW, so you can correct white balance as needed.'

Posted by Roman Kruglov

Hi, I am Roman and I was born in Moscow, but I have lived most of my life in New York City. My love for photography came from my grandfather in the early age. I remember the dark room and watching the pictures magically come to life. I am an easy going person who loves photography and my family. I try to photograph every day and my camera comes with me everywhere I go. The inspiration for my photos come from seeing them develop on the screen much like they used to develop in the dark room and then being able to share those developed pictures

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