I believe that light is a powerful tool to influence the outcome of a picture. Changing the way light affects the subject, you can create many interesting effects. The problem is that there is a delicate line between creating a strange, unique effect with a weird image. So you have to practice as much as possible to make your own signature effect.

1. Identify the idea and style of the picture.

From the very beginning, it is important to determine what the story will be in the picture, or what the topic is.

It helps you visualize what your results will look like, and can list what you need to do.

For example, want to capture the beauty of a young girl, you will use bright tones, light natural light, etc..

2.What are the main lights, auxiliary light sources?

Choose the right light source for the idea at the beginning.
1. Determine the intensity and color of the main light, how the direction of light, how reflective.
2. Do you need auxiliary light, how many auxiliary light sources, how light reflects, how it interacts with the main light source.

3.The combination of elements creates visual effects

Find out the deviations in your imagination and get the result, minimize that deviation.

The most important thing is how to combine light with a model, color to increase attraction and creativity. Then the image processing tools such as photoshop, lightroom … to create the image as desired.

Tips by Duong Quang Dat

Whatever the beginning and the path you choose, it is most important to practice and cultivate your own creativity.It will be difficult, but you need to be patient and draw small lessons to create your own identity. Wish you have fun shots, interesting experiences, and good results.
Thank you for reading.

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1996. Dương Quang Đạt. Chiron Dương. Ho Chi Minh City. Art. Photography.

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