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Camera Adjustments We Need to Know for Food Photography

First of all we need to understand/know the basic setting of the camera.

  1. Aperture
  2. Shutter Speed
  3. ISO
  4. White Balance

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I consider that most of you, know these terms and how to use them. In my opinion, most important one is the white balance. We have to know how to use it correctly. You can add some motion effects by using the low shutter speed and with the wide aperture numbers you can separate your main product from the background.

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Which Equipment?

Probably the most frequently asked question of the photography is which camera or lens should I buy? Actually it is a matter of choice and a habit I think. I have been using Canon products for seven years and I’m very happy with my choice. I have got a 5dmark2 camera body and a canon 100mm (non L) macro lens.

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In addition to 100mm lens you can buy a zoom lens like 24-105 or 24-70(if you have budget). We’ve decided to buy a camera and lens so what is next? I think next thing is a solid,cheap tripod.Sometimes using a tripod doesn’t allow you to move comfortably while shooting but it is a must.


I think the most important subject of photography is light. We have some options:

  • Artificial Light (paraflash,camera flash – not pop-up)
  • Available Light (window light)
  • Fixed Light (led, cinema light)

On my professional jobs I use a 400 watt paraflash set but If I shoot for myself I prefer available light. Because it is easy to use and free. All you need to know is using the windows which located to the north thus you have the light which is diffused. If you think it is not enough for you should use a diffuser. We use different setups while we shooting for due to the platform we work on. The key of the light for food photography is using the backlight and side light. We call this light as the main light. If you have some dark places on your picture you should use some fill light from the opposite side but your fill light has to be weaker than your main light (this is so important, you should try and see the result).

Available light

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Artificial light

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Give a Style to Your Scene

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I think designing your scene as important as the light.You can get the result you want with a well prepared scenes.It’s the hard part of the food photography because it is hard to learn and I believe it is a talent.You can improve your styling skills by following the social media and learning some tricks.

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Recently food photography styling terms have been changed.People have been using old wood textures,old cutleries,different type of cloths.It has its fashion I think and it changes constantly.

I have some reminders:

  • use manual mode
  • use a tripod
  • shoot raw
  • diffuse the light
  • try and try, give yourself time (it doesn’t happen like a flick)

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Keep shooting, cheers!!!!

Posted by Baris Can

Baris Can is a talented portrait and food photographer based in Turkey.


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