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I shoot people! With a camera, of course. For me, photography has been a life-long interest of mine, and as I have grown older I have learned that the technology of photography is just a part of the equation. Of course it is important to have a great camera and other equipment, but just like a great stove doesn't make incredible food on its own, neither does a superb camera take brilliant photos by itself. The people in the pictures are much more important than the camera being pointed at them. You are interesting as a subject, and you should get the attention and connection that it takes to get those pictures. Otherwise, they will not be the best pictures ever taken of you. And that's what I strive for, right? They should be the best pictures ever taken of you

No Gear? No Problem!

As portrait photographers many of us strive for making pictures with lots of wow and oomph. In order to do that, we trek to fancy locations, use loads of fancy gear and process our pictures using expensive software. In many...

/ January 25, 2017