Academic life is crazy, knowing how to reconcile work with college is very difficult, requires a lot of willpower, I would say. It was the junior year of college, the end of graduation was already near, I found myself working out of the area and very unhappy, I tried to conciliate the final tests and work, but it was not working very well, so I was held for a year in college.

I was very shaken, a week later I was dismissed from my service, but scarcely knew that this would be the beginning of everything, as I was retained I had a lot of free time, so I invested in; fashion production courses with professionals who already work in the area, that’s when I embraced fashion production and said “that’s it, I want to be a fashion producer” already set up a portfolio, making partnerships and soon it was not long before the first works, my work was being recognized, and I’m very happy about it, today I do not see myself doing anything else if I do not produce it.

Look for the makes you happy, go back invest, the results will come with time and remember “the key to success is to start before you’re ready.”

Good Production Requires Good Research

Producing is more than putting out looks to be photographed, good production requires proper research. Sometimes this research that gives the theme of your production, the tip is to delve into the research, go deep, find references that can be used and think minutely in every detail, look, accessories, in everything that composes the editorial.
Do this and see that the result will be incredible.

Tips by Felipe Arrabaça

I hope it has helped you in some way and that you have enjoyed the tip and feel inspired in doing your work, a big kiss Felipe Arrabaça.

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Graduated in fashion design, acting as fashion producer and stylist. In love with fashion, art, music, photography and the like.

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