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I am a professional photographer from South Wales. I specialise in children and babies, although I have worked with some pretty cool adults, it's the mini people who are my favourites. I am a mother of 3 boys ranging in age from teenager to toddler and my love of photography was born as soon as I saw my first born son. I knew then that I wanted to capture every memory and precious moment I could and keep them forever. I have a home full of photographs! My inspiration comes from fairy tales and children's books, we live in a fast paced and often dark world and I love to make images that are full of light and dreams. I want to be able to take the viewer away to a world of innocence and love.

Childhood Memories

Capturing Those Precious Childhood Memories

Time passes so quickly and in a blink of an eye those little angels with messy hair and button noses are all about the hair gel and makeup and getting ready to leave the nest. You'll always have your memories...

/ May 2, 2017