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I'm a photographer, hard worker, husband and a father. I work as a tabletop product and food photographer in my home country Slovenia. I do work in my hometown of Ljubljana and also neighboring Trieste, Graz and Zagreb. Sometimes I go out of my comfort zone and I also do head shots, environmental portraits and macro with awesome lighting. I've been passionate about photography for the last seven years. In this time I've learned a lot, not just about photography but also about myself. For instance: that I'm an admirer of the vernacular, the snapshot and the visual record as well as an admirer of fine art and abstract photography. Apart from photographing food I enjoy eating it. I love everything from home-cooked masterpieces of my wife, rustic cooking from my dad, to street food and fine dining. I also love to chat and discuss about all things photographic.

The Search for Reflections

It's frustrating that our photos of people and objects usually don't turn out the way our brains see them. A lot has been written and studied about the subject - I realize. However I would still like to present my...

/ January 10, 2017