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I am a professional photographer based in the South side of Glasgow, Scotland. My passion for photography started at a very young age, inspired by my father who was, and still is, a very talented photographer. One of my fondest early memories of photography is the developing stage, the combination of complete darkness, the smell of the chemicals and the anticipation of waiting to see if the exposures turned out the way my dad and I imagined! I think this is what hooked me to the art of photography, that and I got to spend time with my dad. I use a Nikon digital SLR or and Olympus micro4/3rd's for my photographs, missing it up depending on the job or style I am looking for. This is the same for my personal images too, on the odd occasion I still use a 35mm Olympus SLR as you can't beat the traditional art form of photography. My personal photography is focused on landscape, street and all the interesting and weird shapes created in the world around us. My style favours monochrome mostly but when the exposure is destined for colour it will most likely be dark and moody which comes from years of working with my father. As for my professional work I am a jack of all trades covering food, commercial, corporate, product, lifestyle and wedding photography. Basically if you need it photographed I can do it! My style may change to to suit clients needs but when I can influence projects I always try to harness natural light allowing me to capture the scene's atmosphere in turn keeping the final shot as natural as possible and avoiding excessive editing. What I enjoy most about photography is trying to capture what I am feeling at that moment, as an observer, rather than simply what I am seeing. While editing, if a shot reflects back to me that emotion, I feel like I've done a good job. Thanks Iain

Golden Hour

What Is the Golden Hour…….and Is It Really an Hour?

Over the next few paragraphs I will talk about the golden hour and why it's my favourite type of lighting for photography, when it is and when to use it. My aim here is to keep it light but factual...

/ June 1, 2017

Post Wedding Blues!

Most clients will think you are trying to squeeze extra money from them as soon as you mention printing services, in truth you're a photographer and just want your work to be shown to the world! This article will help...

/ April 14, 2017