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I started photography when I started journalism 14 years ago. During the shooting of cover photo, food photography and preparation of all , in streets, in the restaurants, in the hotels, basically everywhere I was in photography when I was working as editor in newspaper Sabah,Hurriyet and Dogan Online. I was looking through to viewfinder of cameras,I was adjusting the lights ,frames and I was waiting in front of darkroom with dia positives in my hands at these times but my story with photography was suspended. Then five years ago I started to continue this unfinished story and I started to give my priority to the most important thing in my life... Food! Food styling became one of my job and now It is amazing to take photograph of yummy stuffed, cookies,pies and cakes the taste which I am in love.

“Dark & Moody” Food Photography Tips

A few tricks about how you can make this style easy. What is the best time for shooting, what should you choose props, what type of material should you have? It is all in this article.

/ January 17, 2017