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Grant Beedie is a 35yr old Scottish Amateur Photographer based in Christchurch, New Zealand. His specialty is Macro with Insects and Flowers being his main focus. Photography has become his main interest for 3 years now and he has spent a huge amount of that time learning about Photography, including reading books, following other Photographers work and just getting out there and taking lots of shots. Living in New Zealand since 2004, Christchurch (the Garden City) is a Macro Photographers dream, with vast city Gardens hosting hundreds of Plant and Insect species. Grants favorite subjects are the New Zealand Praying Mantis, Bumble and Honey Bees and various Flowers including Dahlias. “The New Zealand Native Mantis is a joy to Photograph. They tend to not mind you getting close to them and they will stare right down the barrel of your lens for long periods of time. If you watch them long enough you will see them catching pray at lightning fast speed. This is Nature at its best and I’m always like a little boy and full of excitement when Photographing them”.

Life In The Macro Photography World

Did you know there is a whole new World all around you, waiting to be discovered? A World that is alive with possibilities for photography and it is right outside your home, just waiting for you to enter!

/ July 21, 2015