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I’m Anthony Sotomayor, a Toronto based photographer and urban planner. I picked up photography during 2012 as part of my undergraduate degree to capture and document the evolving urban built-environment that is constantly changing. I became serious about photography when I began using Instagram and being inspired by some great photographers. Most of my work is a mix of cityscapes, architecture, street life, and portraits. Recently, I completed a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning, and I'm currently working as an urban planner. I want to continue improving my craft, learn as much as possible, and give back to the community.

5 Rules to Shooting Unique Urban Photography Like Aroyamotos

Anthony Sotomayor is a self-taught photographer from Toronto, Canada also known as Aroyamotos. His work specializes in cityscapes, urban photography, minimalism, and portraits. You will learn a few techniques and guidelines that Aroyamotos uses to execute a unique urban photograph.

/ June 24, 2016