Tips on how to really improve your children’s portraits without expensive equipment, simply by tapping into their imagination and telling a story all while hunting for fairies in magical light because the easiest way to improve your photography and the child’s experience is to find your inner child again and have fun!

The Journey into Imagination

No matter how technical your skill level there is one thing guaranteed to make your photos stronger…

Tapping into the imagination of your subject, get into their world , what makes them happy? what appeals to them?

The photos you see here are a result of this process, the key to her imagination and the natural excitement and the flow of fun… fairies! we ran we rolled around we even climbed trees on our hunt for fairies.

As photographers it is our job to tell a story without the use of words, because that would be way too easy right? so while you are out shooting looking at the light, looking at the backgrounds and scenery take a few minutes to engage with your subject find what makes their eyes and their soul light up with imagination I promise it will change the way you look at things in the most magical way and not only that but everyone wants to work with someone who puts their children at ease and has fun because after all our children are the most important people we have in our lives

Finding the light

It is all too easy to forget with the wealth of technology available at your fingertips that light is the most important tool, just as you are telling a story without using words you are also painting but instead of paints you have light!

My preferred lighting is back-lighting ( the light be it the sun or strobe behind the subject) this gives real separation between the background elements of your photo and your subject and can often give an almost halo like effect it is simply dreamy.

The other type of lighting I prefer is open shade , with a little imagination and patience you can throw the background into a deep shadow but have your subject wonderfully well lit, this can also give a real sense of depth to your photos

Tips by Jay Jackson

I hope these tips help you on your photographic journey, remember to engage your imagination tell a story, build a rapport and find that beautiful light.

thank you for reading my article please let us know below if you feel it has helped you'

Posted by Jay Jackson

UK based portrait photographer father of two boys and four furry dog kids, finding the personality and imagination in each frame.

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