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I'm a self-taught french photographer, professional for few months and totally passionate. On a road trip in India, i started to take pictures, as a personal diary to never forget and share my experience. A few months later, i did it again, while traveling through Asia, and finally decided i would become a photographer, after i left Java. My work is a combination of spontaneous shots of my environement and countless time spent on post-treatment, in order to communicate the feelings i got at that very moment. It becomes then an alternative perspective, between reality and dreams. Always eyes wide open on my environment,i'm willing to learn more and more, while living life to the full.

Urban Exploration

5 Photography Tips to Begin Urban Exploration

Let's start by defining what URBEX is in a very simple way. Practicing « urbex » might sound like going to places you're not supposed to, crossing the borders people arbitrary plotted. Urban Exploration can be a way to browse...

/ February 17, 2017