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Everybody calls me Shawal. I am born in Tanzania, and am a social media expert & travel adventure photographer with twist. I say with twist because what I do as travel adventure photographer is to capture unique locations and moments. I believe a photographer is an artist who is able to capture any images with any kind of camera, even a point and shoot! Travelled the Globe, and now I am back in Tanzania, raising funds through my work to build clinics in the rural areas for the poor and provide them with free medical care. The most amazing experiences I've lived are through people stories... What I try to do is to capture the locals retelling them and when they their passion shows up as they talk. If you happen to travel, be fearless, open-minded, embrace the world in front of you (not around you), and never stop asking questions because the answer you will get is the most amazing you will ever get. And travel light! I started being a Guide at 19, and now in my 40's I still am! But raising up new Guides so that they become storytellers. Yes, Guides are storytellers! I would like to share the following with you: Instagram: shawalphotography I support Healthcare projects, as it is not followed up as much as others, great debates touch this subject but nothing is being done to ensure that everyone can get the best healthcare service. And I believe we need to help those doctors and nurses working so hard to save lives. Currently I am working on several photographic coffee table books , which will help fundraise to support healthcare project in Tanzania.

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Shawal Ruhehi was born in Tanzania. He is a social media expert & a travel adventure photographer with twist.

/ October 26, 2015