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Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Romina Kutlesa – PhotoartByKulixx and I´m living in the lovely city Munich, Germany. I have been shooting for 6-7 years now and I´m a really ambitious Photographer: Creating beautiful images with my camera is more than a hobby for me – it´s a passion! I started shooting everything that appeared in front of my lens, but after some time I began to realize that I am attracted to cityscapes, architecture and landscapes. I got lots of good feedback from my family and friends and they encouraged me to offer my picture to the public space. The people honored my work, so I got also nice feedback to my work from them. In 2015, I got my first Editor's Choice Award on 500px, one of the best photo community of the world. I'm very proud of that. Every once in a while I challenge myself to projects I am not regularly used to. My second passion is traveling and visiting beautiful places that I capture with my camera. I am patient when it comes to the perfect moment of a cityscape or landscape scenery. Only when I am satisfied with my result then I´m finished. My philosophy is that a photographer is always growing, level to level and there is no reason to put a limit on the artist´s skills. With that in mind, if someone presents an idea or work, don´t let yourself get demotivated or told that an idea is not reachable. The process of creating such great “Art- photos” comes with something every artist needs – A Inspiration. Music is a big part of an inspiration atmosphere and an important source for me. You can support me my social media: Facebook: 500px: My Homepage:

Romina Kutlesa

Finding and Capturing Mesmerizing Architecture Photos

Romina Kutlesa better known as "PhotoartByKulixx", lives in Munich, Germany. Romina specializes in cityscapes, architecture & landscape photography.

/ October 19, 2015