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Born in Milan (Italy) in 1973, I graduated in Engineering in 1999. I worked for 15 years as Sales Manager. I love to travel. From an early age, I discovered myself as a backpacker. Recently, I started to explore my great love for photography, studying on my own and by following the techniques of the most popular photographers and painters. In 2014, I began to collaborate with a manufacturer of decorative paintings and with a fashion designer. During 2015 my first exhibitions have been held. Furthermore the "Daily Mail", "The Times", "Daily Telegraph", "Life Force Magazine", "Shot! Magazine", "", "L'Eco di Bergamo", "Il Popolo Cattolico", "INDEX.HR", "Bergamo Post", "La nuova tribuna", "" and many other media worldwide published some articles surronding me and my works. At present, I'm collaborating with a press agency in UK, the most important image library in the MENA region and some interior designers in Singapore and UK for both luxury residential and commercial projects. I published the books titled "The face of India", "The Timeless Valley" and "Streets of the World" and other two new ones surrounding Cambodia and Laos are pretty close to be issued. My ultimate aim is to combine my passions for travelling and photography, and make them my lifestyle. Instagram: Roberto_Pazzi_Photography

How to Compose Striking Street Photography

Roberto Pazzi born in Milan (Italy) in 1973, graduated in Engineering. He worked for 15 years in Sales. Loves to travel and passionate about photography.

/ December 16, 2015