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My name is Neil Janeke, full time photographer since beginning 2015. Apart for my love for metal, I get lost in Fine-Art and Conceptual photography and to break the flow, I do figure drawing as well. I feel music plays such an integrated part in our lives we cannot live without soul moving beauty ringing our ears just as much as visual beauty moves our hearts. Someone one day asked me, if you had to choose which sense to live without, would you choose hearing or seeing. How do you choose.... I have been in Web and Systems Development for 7 years, but decided to break the norm and try something new, so photography was my next approach as a occupation. Been loving every moment ever since. Website: from the you can access my 2 sub-sites: MyOwn and Fine Art. Both these sites have links to all my online social media.

Neil Janeke

Music to Photos: How To Take Cool Concert Images

Neil Janeke is a full time photographer since the beginning 2015. Apart for his love for metal, he gets lost in Fine-Art and Conceptual photography as well.

/ May 12, 2016