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I am 36 years old and live in Osijek, small town in Croatia. I work in finance department and deal with numbers for the most of my life. 4 years ago, a month before I will have my first child, I have bought myself amateur DSLR camera. I wanted to have nice pictures of my baby. I thought that I will instantly start making better pictures, now that I had a better camera. Guess what, that didn’t happened. And then started my iterative process of learning. It didn’t come to me naturally. It was a process of small steps of improvements that still lasts. Before I started doing photography, nothing occupied me for a long time. I would just lose interest in a few months. All my life I wanted something that will be just mine. And then photography bit me and for the last 4 years, I've been enjoying and studying great photos, shooting and editing. I steal every free second of my time to explore it.

Marina Vojnovic

What You Need to Know About Child Photography

Talented photographer and mother Marina Vojnovic will share with us today some valuable insights about child photography. Once I’ve read that if you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph. I don’t know for others, but...

/ April 28, 2016