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"A MultiMedia Generalist, Designated Academician, Passionate FilmMaker, Conceptual Photographer, Serious Foodie and an Awesome Dad”. He holds a Masters Degree in Multimedia from Australia, where he studied in University of Wollongong, as well as a Masters in Information Technology. In 2007, Mahesh started his creative career as a media editor for AOL (America Online). He has directed several short films, visual effect sequences and has executed several media promotional strategies. He moved on to co-found Paperbird Studios in 2012, where he provided creative media services for many international clients.He is also a known fiction writer, whose works have been published.

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Make your Phone-O-Graphs stand out!

More than 80% of social media content is comprised of imagery. An average user is going through a plethora of visual data thrown right at their faces - which gives your content, visibility for precisely Blink-of-an-Eye! Here are a couple...

/ July 20, 2017