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I’ve always loved photography. In the past year or so I’ve taken it more seriously, started out on 500px, set up my own website and so on. I love, with nature photography, you can just go out for a walk with your camera, and you never know what great shot might be there. Yes, you can plan and try and get everything right, but the unexpected is more exciting. Like anyone, it would be great to, as they say, go pro, but that’s very unlikely at the moment. I also love the post-production. It can take along time and quite often you get along way through processing an image in Lightroom and Photoshop and then forget it, because it isn’t quite what you wanted. It’s good though to persevere with both improving shooting technique and post-processing.

6 Tips for Taking Incredible Flower Photos

Weather Doing nature photography obviously means being outside.  Thus, our photography can be highly influenced by the weather. If we are photographing flowers, perhaps surprisingly, what we like most is a dull overcast day. And, definitely no wind. Wind is...

/ September 29, 2015