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I am Inna Mosina a 25 year old Law graduate based in Russia, Saratov city. For a long time I considered being a lawyer my life deal. But one day everything changed, when I heard how essential it is to have a hobby and a very important part of human life, regardless the age and profession. It was a call for me since I’m not actually involved in any other interests. I just let it go naturally and being open for some universe sign with it. And very soon, it happened; I have been amazed and fascinated by the art of photography. I’ve been doing photography for a year and a half, yet, I already have my style of staged photography. I don’t wait for the right moment, but instead, I create it on my own. I love to find beauty in all things and intentionally exaggerate it by adding non-exist elements or color. I believe that my best picture is yet to come!

Inna Mosina

Capture Nostalgic Portraits With These 6 Tips

The Search of Place for Photo Session The question about looking for a place for photo session is becoming key. Especially the background which is a very important element in portrait photography. I always pick a place in advance and...

/ May 20, 2016