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I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan a small city known for keeping its people. However after leaving for college, I have yet to move back, though I love it there and will never rule out the possibility! I currently live in the Metro Detroit area, and I have lived in Australia (for 6 years) and Brazil (for 3 years. ​ I LOVE to travel, especially adventure travelling. The more trails to walk and hills to climb the better. My husband once accused me of running a boot camp vacation. But my love of nature and its beauty runs deep. ​ I am a mom to an amazing little man. He is my muse, and I am forever thankful to him for showing me the beauty in drool and silly toddler expressions. ​ I am a wife married to an amazing man who challenges me to be my best. He has taken me on some amazing adventures, and I truly look forward to seeing where we will go next.

The Beauty out My Own Front Door: Finding Beautiful Light Everywhere

I believe the true secret to stunning photography lies in the light. Beautiful light and shooting locations are all around us. Learn about how I find and choose natural light and learn why my own front yard is becoming my...

/ February 9, 2017