Do you like photography? And you like food? Then, you’re in the right place. I would like to share with you some rules to keep in mind if you like still life photography. The following tips will help you to get fine results or at least help you follow the path of flavor through photography. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do if you decide to enter into the wonderful world of still lifes. A style that goes from the oldest paintings to the current photograph and hasn´t lost any of charm.

The Camera

Throughout these years I have had the opportunity to try several brands of cameras. It would be ideal to have a kind of camera capable to capture all the colors, tones and textures that can offer us this type of photographs. I currently have a Sigma SD9 and wonderful Foveon sensor that offers us perfect color purity. For me it’s the perfect option to take full advantage of the still life and the food photography.

The Lens

35 mm to 85 mm equiv. FF : It´s always better to use a fixed focal than a zoom. For me, reasons are the same that we can find in portrait photography: not using a wide angle; we don’t generate distortions and without being telephoto lens we will not lose definition.

Lights, Camera…. ¡¡Action!!! : Find Your Inspiration

Despite what may seem, still-life photography isn’t a mere food photography in many case . A smell, a color, a taste, a song even an everyday scene can make you jump the spark. Play with your imagination and don’t be afraid to take risks. As in a good kitchen, the best comes out when mixing ingredients ?

Gimme More Toys

Get yourself a varied and extensive arsenal of props. But if you have to repeat it sometimes… don’t worry, it’s not a problem. We all can’t have a large warehouse for all our toys. If you know how to use them (in close-up, out of focus, using only 50% in the scene …) repetition is not considered a sin. The wood and stone bases are a great ally to give an elegant touch and without much effort.

The Most Important Is the Light

Really, light is important in any type of photography. Studying how it act on each object is essential to achieving a balanced scene. Painting books are a good basis for beginning to study classic still life photography.From that point, we can experience and achieve a style in which we’re comfortable. The rules of composition are also an important point to consider.

Tips by Mary Muñoz

Beauty of Food Photography

1. The Camera
2. The Lens
3. The Most Important Is the Light
4. Lights, Camera…. ¡¡Action!!! : Find Your Inspiration
5. Gimme More Toys

Thank you all for stopping by. Hope these tips were able to help you. See you behind the camera ?'

Posted by Mary Muñoz

Hi!!!! My name is Mary aka Jera Strucc. I was born in the North of Spain. At the moment I live in Malaga,Andalusia . I studied cooking and bakery for 3 years and I have worked in several restaurants in the country for 9. At that time, also began my interest in photography as a model. 4 years ago I met my current partner, photographer and photography teacher. Thanks to him, I discovered the wonderful world of still life and food photography and how I could benefit from my knowledge of gastronomy. I´m currently working as a photographer in our studio, La Santa Foto, where we carry out catalog photography, advertising,and still life photo for food companies.

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