Learn how to take amazing real estate photos that can increase your propertys rental price and attract buyers. Real estate photography is an important marketing tool that is usually not taken as seriously as it should be. This article will give you tips on preparing your property and tips on how to photograph photos that sell.

Unclutter your room

Uncluttering your room is the most important step to photographing photos that sells. Before photographing any interior, you need to remove all clutter and make your home or apartment presentable. If your rental property is empty, then that great because starting from nothing makes it a lot easier. If you are including furniture in your home, make sure you choose furniture that matches your rental property instead of mixing different styles of your old furniture (well cover more about this in the next tip). If you are not including furniture in your rental property, then you should remove them all unless they make your apartment look stunning.

Home Office Area Interior
Home Office Area Interior (1/160 sec @ f/8)
© Andrey Butenko | Dreamstime.com

Finally, remove all personal decorations such as photo frames, magnets on fridge, etc. that may make your home feel like it was design for you and not your renter. You can hide these in drawers and cabinets.

Home Interior
Home Interior (1 sec @ f/16)
© Fotoskat | Dreamstime.com

Stage your home

Whether your home or apartment is empty or not, you can present it better with home staging. If you are renting your property with furniture, pick furniture that matches your home instead of mixing different styles of your old furniture. Many people paint their old furniture to match. Too many different materials in your room will make it look more cluttered than it is. Less is more and the less cluttered your home looks, the more youll earn from your rental income.

If your home is empty, you can hire a home staging company to stage your home. This is usually only effective for rental properties over $2000/month. Some property managers say home staging is an investment with little return while others say it is what separates your listings from others. Whichever it is, home staging should be part of your consideration.

As for color, keep the color scheme in your home neutral. Colors such as white, gray, tan, brown, and a non-vibrant blue are great choices. Painting your house may seem like a lot of work, but it is not expensive and completely changes the look of your home or apartment.

Home Interior
Home Interior
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Finally, use a small amount of decorations such as a bowl of fruits, some plates, etc. Keep it clean, simple, and remember to remove the stickers from your fruits!

Home Interior
Home Interior (1/8 sec @ f/8)
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Use wide angle lens

Once your home is ready for photographing, you need to decide on your choice of equipment. If you are photographing a small room, use wide angle lens. Wide angle lens make rooms look significantly larger than it really is.

Model Luxury Home Interior Kitchen Double Sink
Model Luxury Home Interior Kitchen Double Sink (1/25 sec @ f/5)
© Anthony Berenyi | Dreamstime.com

Using a full frame camera such as the Canon 5D with a rectilinear wide angle lens such as the Sigma 12-24mm works great. Medium format cameras are best but the cost is extremely high. The worlds top selling micro stock photographer, Yuri Arcurs, say he gets the best results in wide angle photography with a medium format camera. For most photographers, a full frame camera is good enough.

Model Luxury Home Interior Front Entrance Rooms
Model Luxury Home Interior Front Entrance Rooms (1/200 sec @ f/6.3)
© Anthony Berenyi | Dreamstime.com

There are also fish eye and rectilinear lens to consider. Fish eyes gives the image a slight curvature and can make straight lines look curved. Rectilinear lens correct the curvature of the image so that lines appear straight. In general, rectilinear lens look more real and most real estate photographers prefer rectilinear lens. If you have a fish eye lens, there are many software and tools that can correct the curvature of fish eye lens. Newer versions of Adobe Photoshop have a Lens Correction tool and photo management software such as Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, and DxO Labs DxO Optics have built in lens correction feature.

Home Interior Fisheye View
Home Interior Fisheye View (1/4 sec @ f/5)
© Kutt Niinepuu | Dreamstime.com

Photograph in twilight

Photographing in the right time makes any home look better. Not only that, it makes your listing stand out from other listings. If you look on any rental or realty website, most of the thumbnails are photos shot in the day time. The warm l colors of your homes lighting mixed with the cool colors of a twilight sky makes any property look amazing.

To photograph these types of photos, first, find out the sunset time. You can do this by searching on Google, [your location] sunset time. Arrive to the property at sunset and prepare to photograph when the sky turns blue. Twilight usually last an hour at most so make sure that you complete your task before it turns to night. Be sure to bring a tripod as you will most likely need to shoot a long exposure.

Luxury Tropical Resort Front at Twilight

Luxury Tropical Resort Front at Twilight (6 sec @ f/8)
© Dallaseventsinc | Dreamstime.com